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We are here to bring you the best local produce

BALLINA FARMERS MARKET is located on the shores of picturesque North Creek,  Missingham Bridge, BALLINA FARMERS MARKET has become one of our region's  favourite places to visit on SUNDAY morning. Here we have the best farm fresh produce the area has to offer, freshly picked vegetables, oyster mushrooms, apples, crisp salads,  blueberries, tomatoes, lamb,  pork and so much more. There is a wonderful range of artisan produced foods - cheeses, freshly baked organic sourdough bread, pasta, cloud-like sourdough donuts, olives and fermented vegetables to name a few. Shopping at BALLINA FARMERS MARKET will make your meal extra special. After your shopping, get a cup of coffee and choose among the many breakfast options which range from the now famous breakfast burgers to delicious vegan delights , Chinese dumplings and sushi.  Enjoy the morning by the river while one of our region's excellent musicians plays for you. On the way home don't forget to pick up a bunch of flowers to brighten your day.

BALLINA FARMERS MARKET is held every SUNDAY morning from 07:00-11:00 at Commemoration Park on Bentinck Street, BALLINA.


At BALLINA FARMERS MARKET, we are proud to support our local growers and producers — and invite you to visit during our opening hours 07:00 - 11:00 on SUNDAY mornings.

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